Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder

More uploadedness

I've uploaded more comics. So now I should be good through the end of this week.

Also I'd just like to mention to anybody that may be reading this that everything I'm posting here has already been posted over on my original site I plan on only posting my stick figure comics. Although I might add a special page for everything else. But even with that it's still well over 200 comics, so this site'll be pretty busy. But the reason I'm going through all of this because I like the set up here much better than DD and I plan on using this page as my main page eventually.

by Stickfodder

Blog post Mk2

Well I'm still working on the site but I think that I've got the header/nav bar set up perfectly. I've got all the little buttons and doodads in the right spot, linked to the right page and working properly. Now I just need to get the rest of the page(s) working just as perfectly.

I need to get the navigation buttons set up to look how I want them. I need to figure out if I want a background design and if so what. And most importantly I need to figure out how to code in CSS. Cause I have no fricken clue.

by Stickfodder

BOOM! Blog post.

And say hello to my very first individual blog post. I doubt that I'll use this very much but I just wanted to put something here since this exists. I'd hate to have a part of my site that doesn't contain anything.

I'm working my ass off trying to make this site work and I think that I'm making some awesome headway. True I've only made a new page header but it's one hell of an improvement over the original one that came with my template. And yeah it's based on the one I made for my Drunk Duck page but this one is actually an improvement on that one too. More buttons, more functionality, and ALL of the buttons work. Sweet.