Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder

Cbox Awesomeness

I'm still working on getting my site perfect, and right now I wan't to install my Cbox. 

But the problem is is that I can't figure out how to get it to where I want it to. I wan't it next to the Authors comments but I can only manage to get it above or below it. And I'm wondering if there is anybody reading this (I doubt that anybody actually reads this but what the hell I'll give it a try)who could give me some advice. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!



by Stickfodder

Blogity blogity blogity

Hay look a blog post. I just wanted to say something. And I can't help but notice that I have nothing to say. I can't help but ramble pointlessly.

by Stickfodder

That duck has got to stop drinking

Oh for fuck sake. Drunk Duck is down... again (I swear to god if the duck itself isn't drunk someone over there sure is). And it's really getting me worried. I'm scared that I'm going to lose all of my information that I have there, like my original upload order and all of the posts that i put with the comics. I know that those aren't the most important pieces for my comic but I'm really attached to them and I would be pretty sad to see them gone. So I'm hoping that whatever is wrong with the duck now gets fixed and I can recover everything. And when I do I'm going to start to actually make a personal record of all of it. That way I'll be able to make the switch over to comic fury all the easier.

by Stickfodder

A Firey Little Layout Update

After finally introducing myself in the forums (the Comic Fury forums not the PolkOut surrogate forums) it was brought to my attention that my nav thingy wasn't working on Firefox, I believe that I've fixed this and hopefully there aren't any problems with it now but if there is please let me know. So hurray for helpful forums!

by Stickfodder

Store Updates

I've had a store for my comic pretty much ever since I started. And I've always been doing it to try and get some money. And I haven't gotten a single penny. So fuck it. I've slashed prices. In my Zazzle page I've put the royalty's down to 10% which is the lowest it will let me go and this has put my prices much lower than they were before. And over on my cafe press store I've put my markup down to $0.00 so everything there is all at the lowest price that they could possibly be. Come on! Buy some stuff! Be a walking billboard.