Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder

Update? What's that?

FUCK! Sorry about this week. At first I had thought that I had filled it up last week. Then I kinda got a head start on St. Patrick's day and the hang over kinda got me distracted. So to make up for my tardieness I'm going to start to update this Sunday and go all next week through Saturday just as my way of apology to those few who do keep on coming back. Ok? 

by Stickfodder

The Great Game of Catchup

I really wan't to get the comic fury page up to date with the main site but I'm still not sure how I want to go about it. Weather I just want to do a full week schedule or if I want to do multiple updates a day five day's a week. Or maybe combine the two. Either way I've got to start doing more updates. *SIGH* I still need to finish getting my main folder in order, and I'm only up to comic 100. Even then I need to make a record of all my author notes.

by Stickfodder


When typing on the computer I often misspell many words. And it's annoying. But I just either erase and re-do the word or right click it and find the right spelling. But when I misspell the word "it" I write it as "ti" and when I do this I have a very strong urge to just continue with it and add another "t" making it a "tit". And this only seems to happen when I just really can't do it and it's getting kinda annoying. TIT.

by Stickfodder

Cbox Awesomeness

I'm still working on getting my site perfect, and right now I wan't to install my Cbox. 

But the problem is is that I can't figure out how to get it to where I want it to. I wan't it next to the Authors comments but I can only manage to get it above or below it. And I'm wondering if there is anybody reading this (I doubt that anybody actually reads this but what the hell I'll give it a try)who could give me some advice. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!



by Stickfodder

Blogity blogity blogity

Hay look a blog post. I just wanted to say something. And I can't help but notice that I have nothing to say. I can't help but ramble pointlessly.