Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder

Invisible isn't a color!

Well in order to make the page look a little cleaner I've decided that it'd be best to use the overview version of the front page. And I've added the tumblr feed beneath the Cbox.

But one problem I seem to be having is for some reason in Firefox the tables I'm using to make my page more organized are clear and I don't know why. In Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer it looks fine. I mean come on. INTERNET EXPLORER? Working better than FIREFOX? What the fuck is going on here? Seriously what am I doing wrong? Is there something else I could be using to organize my page without these problems?

by Stickfodder

Thinking... thinking... thinking...

I'm wondering if I should stick with the site the way it is or come up with an alternate setup... like maybe I should adjust the normal comic setting and figure out if there's any way to embed my tumblr into the page then just switch over to using my tumblr as my blog... hmmm... decisions decisions.

by Stickfodder

On and On and On

I'm still working on the code. I've put the blog entries into a table so that they don't just stretch out to the edge of the page. I think this keeps the page looking a little more organized. But I'm debating weather I should have the comic in the table too to keep it looking uniform.

I've also added my Cbox into the table next to the blog so that people can chat. It's also on my Drunk duck page so if you're chatting here you're also chatting there.


Of course I'm still trying to figure out how I can if at all have my latest authors notes on the front page.

by Stickfodder


Ok so I think I've got everything working properly. The comic shows up on the front page, as do the most recent blog posts. And I've added a random button on the front page that'll take you to random pages. ISN'T THAT NEAT!? Well I like it. And I hope everyone else does too.


And if you're looking for the authors comments for the comics all you have to do is click on the comic and it'll take you to the normal comics page. Where you can read my thoughts on the individual comic and leave your own comments... not that you seem to want to... awkward. 


Blah blah... enjoy the site... blah... I'm going to bed.

by Stickfodder


Ok so I've been wanting to get my page set up so that I have my latest comic with the latest blogs underneath it. I should have been able to do it by just changing something in the comic settings, but for some reason when I did that I only got the blogs showing up. So I figured that I needed to change some code to get it to work... and I kinda messed up to the point that I needed to start from scratch. Hopefully I should be able to get the site back up to normal soon though.