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Blog - Goodbye tumblr hello twitter

Goodbye tumblr hello twitter

by Stickfodder

Well since I didn't really like tumblr and couldn't keep updating it. I have removed the tumblr feed from the main page and replaced it with my twitter feed in the form of a twitstamp. It only updates once every 3 minutes but for now that will have to do.

The reason that I'm using a twitstamp instead of a real twitter api is because twitter only allows a certain number of requests for updates per minute, and through the combination of TweetDeck and the twitter feed on the Drunk Duck page I can't fit in another application sending requests or I'll keep running out and I none of them will be updating towards the end of each minute. So for now this page will have the twitstamp. BUT! When I catch up with the Drunk Duck page and make this page my main site I will move the primary feed here and move the twitstamp to the Drunk Duck page.