Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder

another bout of laziness

Well I've had another bout of laziness lately and haven't been updating. But that has ended and I shall resume updating tonight.

by Stickfodder

Goodbye tumblr hello twitter

Well since I didn't really like tumblr and couldn't keep updating it. I have removed the tumblr feed from the main page and replaced it with my twitter feed in the form of a twitstamp. It only updates once every 3 minutes but for now that will have to do.

The reason that I'm using a twitstamp instead of a real twitter api is because twitter only allows a certain number of requests for updates per minute, and through the combination of TweetDeck and the twitter feed on the Drunk Duck page I can't fit in another application sending requests or I'll keep running out and I none of them will be updating towards the end of each minute. So for now this page will have the twitstamp. BUT! When I catch up with the Drunk Duck page and make this page my main site I will move the primary feed here and move the twitstamp to the Drunk Duck page.

by Stickfodder

The illness called lazy

Sorry about the lack of updates there for a bit. First I had a power outage. Then I just got lazy. Sorry I'll be good now and keep updating on time.

by Stickfodder is back up and running!

Ok now that I've gotten some reliable internet I'll be able to get back to the updating. On top of that I've updated the header so that the forum button now leads here instead of the PolkOut forums. I've also incorporated the random comic button directly into the header as well as added a button for the RSS feed. It feels good to be getting back into my groove.

by Stickfodder

Where have I gone? And what are these AD looking things?

Well lets start off by asking where the hell am I.

Ok so where the hell am I? I'm in Ithaca N.Y. Why? I'm here to help take care of my uncle. He's a little sickley, needs to take lots of medicine. But he doesn't always take all of them when he should, or sometimes not at all. And this causes him to wind up in the hospital (recently with a hearbeat of 32bpm). Now you might ask "Why the hell has he been living on his own all this time!?" And I would say "He has not". He has had a women "friend" (he's not healty enough for anything else beyond frienship) has been living with him. "Well what the hell happened to her!" you might yell. And I would smack you force you to sit down tie you to your chair and continue to explain to you what's going on. This woman isn't exactly the picture of perfection. She has an arrest history for drugs and is permanantly on disability from being hit by a car (I cover my mouth look to the side slyly and giggle silently to myself). And on top of that she's been permanently banned from the trailor park where my uncle lives and since she's been living with/mooching off my uncle for 2 years and has been racking up the violations in the park they were threatening to evict him if she didn't move out. So me and my mom came down here and got her ass out to a homless shelter thing and now I'm living with my uncle to make sure that he's taking his meds until we can get him into an assisted living home. SO that's where I am. And right now I have my computer down here and set up as well as my TV. Now here's the problem, my uncle has cable but no internet. Here's my temporary solution, some of his neighbors have unprotected wireless internet and my mom's mini laptop has wi-fi so for the time being I'm doing internet stuff with that(I'm writing this on my computer and transfering it to mini laptop via flash drive). And finally we plan on getting us set up with internet through his cable company(Hopefully we'll get that set up QUICKLY so that I can do this without leaching wi-fi anymore).

Ok now lets get onto what the hell this ad box looking thing is. I recently joined a comic creators group called Plot Holes Collective. It's a small comunity of web comic creators that have banned together in order to help each other out. I'm still figureing out the extent of what well be doing but the first thing we've done to help eachother out and to unify as a group is we have created ads for out comics and posted a special code on out pages that allow us to show off eachother's ads on our pages. So why don't you go on and click that and check out some of those awesome comics... and if you clicked on one of those links on another plot holes page WELCOME! and don't worry I'll be updating again soon.