Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


by Stickfodder


Man when I Make something and put effort into it I tend to like it no matter what. But after a while my general opinion tends to go down. Like right now. I've gone back to my page and i can't help but think that it's not as good as I had originally thought. Suer it's a bit more organized than it had been but it just looks kinda bland. *SIGH* I think the main problem is that I don't have any idea what I want it to look like, so that's a bit of a hindrance to site design.

by Stickfodder


Well I've gotten a little sick of the design the site had. It was just kinda sloppy So I've gone ahead and re-designed it... again...

I still need to figure out how to get the chat box and twitstamp back into the front page but I'm working on it. But so far I'm happy with how it looks.

by Stickfodder

another bout of laziness

Well I've had another bout of laziness lately and haven't been updating. But that has ended and I shall resume updating tonight.

by Stickfodder

Goodbye tumblr hello twitter

Well since I didn't really like tumblr and couldn't keep updating it. I have removed the tumblr feed from the main page and replaced it with my twitter feed in the form of a twitstamp. It only updates once every 3 minutes but for now that will have to do.

The reason that I'm using a twitstamp instead of a real twitter api is because twitter only allows a certain number of requests for updates per minute, and through the combination of TweetDeck and the twitter feed on the Drunk Duck page I can't fit in another application sending requests or I'll keep running out and I none of them will be updating towards the end of each minute. So for now this page will have the twitstamp. BUT! When I catch up with the Drunk Duck page and make this page my main site I will move the primary feed here and move the twitstamp to the Drunk Duck page.

by Stickfodder

The illness called lazy

Sorry about the lack of updates there for a bit. First I had a power outage. Then I just got lazy. Sorry I'll be good now and keep updating on time.