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Vacation Mishaps

9th Jul 2010, 8:00 PM
Vacation Mishaps
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Stickfodder 9th Jul 2010, 8:00 PM
Originally posted Aug 31, 2009

My vacation was pretty fun. The main reason for us going down was so that my familly could see their pug Darla again. So we got to see them and their nice rental house in delaware.

The motel I stayed in was alright I guess. It smelled like an old person home and over all was a bit of a crap hole except that it was only a a block from the beach so I could wake up walk to the ocean and swim. It was awesome. Except for the second day we went to the beach. Todays comic basically chronicles what happened. I was attempting to boogie board ("attempting" being the key word) and I must have caught the wave wrong or something but I wound up being fliped by the wave a few times and had my face slamed in to the ground each time. I got a cuncussion and just plain fukced up. My nose (while I don't think it was actually broken) still hurts but my scabs pealed off.

And just to share the joy I felt that day here's a photo of me later that day. Although granted I was a little more chipper just after it happened and I was still on the adrenaline high. That second picture was taken unfortunately after I wiped off the blood.