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STICKFODDER "shorts" #1

18th Jul 2010, 8:30 AM
STICKFODDER "shorts" #1
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Stickfodder 18th Jul 2010, 8:30 AM
Originally posted Sep 18, 2009

Ok so this is a little late. Like 7 hours late. Sorry, I kind of got half done then completely forgot about it. Anyway a few days ago I started to play D&D Online, which is completely free to play (except if you want special stuff) but it just left me craving WoW. Then I remembered Private servers which are free to play. So Yesterday I was playing a lot in a private server but that just left me longing for my old legitimate character. So now I'm going to try to get a game card this weekend. May god have mercy on my soul.

Oh and it's looking like you might be getting a special comic on Saturday too as it's talk like a pirate day and I'm all nerdy and stuff and feel a need to make some pirate jokes.