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On The Road Again

20th Jun 2010, 8:00 AM
On The Road Again
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Stickfodder 20th Jun 2010, 8:00 AM
Originally posted June 05, 2009

THIS IS ONLY COMIC 199! I had completely forgotten that I had a testing page that I would use to test my bb code in these authors notes so that I could make sure that it was working properly. So that page is gone and now this one is up and is the actual 199th page.


I've finally signed up for top web comics. As of writing this I'm number 648 with 27 votes. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! You can vote by pressing the vote button located right under the leave a comment box or by pressing here, and remember that you can only vote one a day and you can vote every day.

I am working on number 200 but I'm not working my ass off so it's going to take a while. BUT I guarantee that it's will be done before July 28th as that is my 1 year anniversary for the comic.

This on Sunday will/did head down to New York City to see my cousin graduate from the Merchant Marine Academy, so that should be cool.

Well this was supposed to go up on Monday but apparently I was an idiot and never actually posted it. So well... here it is.

Also I've decided to delete the ads on my page since I never really get any good ads and because of my "little" hiatus they've been delisted.