Stick figures at their finest, and not so finest.


18th Feb 2010, 10:30 PM
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Stickfodder 18th Feb 2010, 10:30 PM
Ok I made a little oppsie when I edited it to post it here. Most of the comics that I've been editing have been plain black and white so I one of the things I've been doing was to put them into grayscale, but this one actually has color so I kinda had to fix that... so... fixed.

Originally posted Aug 23, 2008

I hate all dating site commercials but those ones I found sort of funny. I don't know if eHarmony really does deny people like they say in those commercials but just the way they set it up makes it seem like they are hiding some horrible character trait that the eHaromny tests can pick up on.

Thanks for the comment pulse and I don't really care that people don't comment I stopped caring a while ago but it's just fun to bitch about it, it gives me something to write about. But its always nice to know that at least one person out there finds my stuff at least mildly funny.

I've decided to edit the format of this comic originally it was in a square format but now I've decided that it's better in a vertical format.