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Misses kisses crashes a car

21st Aug 2010, 8:00 PM
Misses kisses crashes a car
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Stickfodder 21st Aug 2010, 8:00 PM
Originally posted Feb 02, 2009

Sorry about no Jen's quest yesterday but I have a legitimate reason. I got in my first car accident and was a little stressed out. In reality it wasn't that bad all I got was some scratches on my car that actually look like I might be able to buff out. And the other person got a busted turning signal. But still I'm 22 and this is the first time that I've ever gotten into an accident.

Here's what happened. I was at an intersection (one of those ones with two turning lanes, one for each lane to be turned into) I was in the lane to go into the far lane. I was behind one person, who when the time came to turn they went into the closer lane... kinda. She was still partially in the far lane, BUT there was enough room for me to get into the far lane, so I did. But the thing is the idiot MEANT to go into the far lane so that they could immediately turn into a parking lot for a restaurant not realizing that I was right there. She smacked me in between the two doors on the drives side. I pulled forward into an entrance for a strip mall that was actually attached to the restaurant parking lot. Parked. And walked back to check on the other people. Talked a little about what happened, they pulled into the restaurant, I went and got my car and pulled around and parked next to their car, and we waited for the cop to arrive. He showed up while I was on the phone, and went and talked to the people in the other car, and by the time I got out of the car (about a few seconds into their conversation) it already sounded like they were trying to blame me, it sounded like they were saying I had either rear ended them or hit them in the back end of their car. But luck was on my side since the people of the other car didn't seem to want to get out of their car and I was already out of mine I walked with the cop closer to where it happened and explained how it happened. We walked back took a look at the damage to our cars saw where the damage was and went over to explain to the lady that with where the damage was it was not possible that it could have happened they way she said it did. She tried to argue, and lost. He took both of our information (insurance, registration, and licences) back to his car made his report, wrote down our information on cards and gave our stuff back with the card with the other persons info on them. And we left. Now I know that this was minor... VERY minor. Hell the cop even said that. But the fact is that I have never had anything like this happen before and it freaked me the fuck out.

Oh and as for Misses kisses. I'm kinda borrowing her from Sheldon but more specifically I have borrowed it from David Kellett while watching him draw on SheldonTV. When he's drawing he's also reading the comments people are making in the chat window. And one of the re accruing jokes he does is about Misses kisses. It's a little old lady who whenever she talks about something she inevitably turns the topic to her cat Misses Kisses. The thing is that nobody knows the little old lady's name so they just refer to her as Misses Kisses too. Sooooooo Yeah.

And yes I know I can't draw cars for shit.

Wow. Big post.