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Stickfodder's Job Hunt

25th Oct 2010, 3:37 PM
Stickfodder's Job Hunt
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Stickfodder 25th Oct 2010, 3:37 PM
Originally posted Jul 26, 2010

Jesus this took a little longer to draw than I thought. Then again I did take a break half way through and kinda forgot about it. But anyway's I'm currently looking for a job (as I have been for quite some time now) and this just seems to be how my latest has been going, I applied online, (my computer died), I get an interview, I was told that I'd get a call for a second interview, I've been waiting for the call but the only call I've gotten so far is come bullshit sales call (Which I shouldn't be getting since I'm on the Do not call list(fuckers)). And I just keep sitting and waiting for the call. (But if I don't get a call by Friday I should call them and see what's up.

But how about that huh? A 24 panel comic. And a few looks at what it looks like around my house and in my back yard. And I think we've seen some of that chain link fence before.