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The Troy Saga: Part 10

7th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
The Troy Saga: Part 10
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Stickfodder 7th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
I've decided that I'm going to start uploading twice a day. I'm just going to try it for a while to see how I like it. I'll be updating from now on at 1am and 1pm.

Originally posted Nov 10, 2008

I'm updating an hour and a half early today because I'm about to go out shopping and wont be back to update on time.The thing about this comic is that I had originally drawn it with the roles reversed but once I was done I had decided that it would be more appropriate for Ned to be the one being overly dramatic. And if you wish to see the original you can go here. keep in mind that it is in it's original large format I haven't shrunk it down yet.

Yar guess what I be finden on the net! It be a pirate translator! I can't wait for the next talk like a pirate day!