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The Troy Saga: Part 14

9th Apr 2010, 10:45 AM
The Troy Saga: Part 14
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Author Notes:

Stickfodder 9th Apr 2010, 10:45 AM
Sorry I kinda forgot to pre upload this comic last night.

Remember I'm now updating twice a day (at 1am and 1pm) in an effort to catch up with my Drunk Duck Page quicker. If you missed that last update please remember to click back and check it out.

Originally posted Nov 14, 2008

I've updated the buy stuff button. Now instead of it being below the authors notes it's in the nav bar. I liked drawing this one because it had Ned in it but I didn't have to draw that damned hat, sure I love how he looks in it and it's fun to use it as a prop but I just get sick of drawing it some times.

In personal news I just bought a scooter. It's an '86 Honda and I love it. It' just so fun to ride. It is an 80cc scooter so it doesn't go too fast It supposedly can go 55 but that's more just a theoretical top speed. In reality it goes about 40 on flat ground 35 up hills and 45 down hills. It's red I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and put it up in the authors notes. Did I mention I love it?

And here it is!