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Ground Bees

3rd Feb 2010, 7:40 PM
Ground Bees
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Stickfodder 3rd Feb 2010, 7:40 PM
Originally posted Posted on Aug 04, 2008

Sorry for the late upload, although I'm not sure why I'm apologizing since nobody seems to care enough to comment or at least rate the page listen I don't care if you give me a 1 (I know this stuff sucks its my old stuff that I didn't try on) a 1 is better than nothing.

This is also based on something that actually happened to me. Like it says I was 3. that was a rather horrible 24 hours. My family was visiting my aunt and uncles place in Massachusetts it was going really well than about mid day I was walking around my aunts garden and I noticed a hole in the ground and wondered what was in there so I decided to put my hand in and find out. Bees, there were bees in the hole they chased me around until somebody (I can't remember who) picked me up and ran me inside. A little later I was walking around barefoot and got a sliver, people tried to take it out but I struggled too much so It stayed in, as a result I resorted to crawling to get around. The next morning I was crawling around and got a piece of dirt into my eye and scratched my cornea, I had to go to the hospital to get the piece of dirt out (it took about 5 nurses to hold me still).

Believe it or not this was my second memory. And unfortunately my first memory was worse. I had some kidney problems and apparently it required a catheter to fix it(and not the kind that goes into your veins).

As for changes made to this comic there are none it appears as it was originally made.

And I'm aware I uploaded this on Saturday I forgot what day It was. I don't want to upload on the weekends since I don't have many comics rite now.

Recently when I looked in my sketch book I found that I have several more comics that I haven't drawn on my computer and I'm considering just scanning them into my computer both because I'm lazy and I want people to see how I draw.


Xenrin 9th Feb 2010, 8:37 PM
This is a lesson I, too, have learned.
The hard way.