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Stop Laughing!

12th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
Stop Laughing!
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Stickfodder 12th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
Originally posted Nov 24, 2008

I've had a weird schedule lately and never thought to do the latest comic. So here's some filler.

For a while there I wasn't able to ride my scooter. It's not that there seas anything wrong with it, It just got really cold. Part of the problem was that I have an open face helmet with a face shield and whenever I breathed out it fogged up the face shield. And when riding a scooter that is only capable of 40 mph sight is a very important thing. Also I only had some single layer non insulated leather gloves, sure they're nice and I love wearing them but 40 mph winds have a tendency to just cut right threw them. But on Saturday I got some goggles to go over my helmet in place of my face shield and some really thick 3 finger gloves that go over my sleeves. These combined with a heavy winter jacket, flannel lined jeans and a scarf make riding my scooter not only warm and fun again but just plain cozy. So last night I went for a ride. I started off on the main roads that I know, got a little board and decided to take some back roads home. On my way back home I got a little lost, and by a little lost I mean I was in a town I knew existed on a road I did not. Luckily it was night and I could see the flashing lights on the communication tower near my house so I just followed that home. One of the problems of living where I do is that you have to constantly worry about wild animals while driving. Like deer. While taking the back roads slowly meandering my way towards the big tower I for the first time on my scooter I came across some deer. But luck was on my side and I was able to stop with pleanty of time. Two deer jumped across tre road I waited one or two seconds and no more deer showed up. And here I should probably mention a problem the combination of heavy coat that zips up far on my neck, scarf, and helmet make... I couldn't turn my head very well. So I thought I was safe and started to move forward got up a little speed and out comes jumping a third deer. SMACK. I wound up running into it's back thigh. It wasn't really phased and just kept running and had at worst had a small bruise. Me on the other hand I was freaked the fuck out. My scooter was fine, I was fine just a little surprised. I made it home safely but not without being a little more cautious and very jumpy.


I almost forgot to mention I found a movie that sucks to such a great degree that it becomes infinitely more awesome. It's name alone makes it a must watch. Robo Vampire That was a hyper link to a clip of pure awesomeness on you tube. For a description of the movie go here. And if you think that it's awesome and want to see it just go here! and buy it on amazon where to add a little more awesomeness to it the only new ones being sold are being sold for a penny.