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The Troy Saga: Part 28

18th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
The Troy Saga: Part 28
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Author Notes:

Stickfodder 18th Apr 2010, 7:00 AM
This had originally been the 100th page. But do to all the pages I've been skipping it's only about the 73rd.

Originally posted Dec 12, 2008

Man like I said yesterday. She is one tough bitch. I'm willing to bet that she didn't even use the gun and that the lion didn't even know what hit him.

YAY! 100 pages! I really can't believe that I made it this far. I started off with 14 comics that I had just done in MS paint. I had planed on just putting the ones I had done up every weekday until I ran out and then just putting them up whenever I had one. And somehow I've managed to put one up every weekday since then (except for a small hiatus when I visited family). I hope to keep doing the same schedule for as long as I can. Weather that means I reach 1000 pages or just 101 (hopefully 1000).

Shit got distracted sorry.